Brad Pitt surprises his make-up artist


Could not help it. Brad Pitt was excited to see the reaction of his great friend and makeup artist, Jean Black, to discover his surprise. The academy award-winning interpreter of Once upon a time in Hollywood he wanted to surprise her with the reform of a portion of your home on the television program The home of your dreams, of the twins Drew and Jonathan Scott.

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The actor, 56 years, participated actively in the work of demolition and construction, as we saw during the program, with the goggles and tools in hand. “If I’m not building, I’m dying”, said Brad the twins Scott confirming that it is effectively something that you are passionate about. As a great lover of architecture, not only contributed in the reform, but also in the style of the house, which he went from being an unusable garage into a wonderful guest house, and a professional studio.

Jean went away for three weeks from home and was when the actor and the brothers Scott were set to work to remodel the garage in Santa Monica, California, and convertilo in a suite for guests with bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Not to forget any detail, and in addition conducted a study of make-up and a warehouse for cosmetics products from Jean Black, which also has among its clients to Julia Roberts, and Josh Brolin.

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Brad will be thrilled

The reaction of Jean Black to enter his house, moved all the spectators, and even the actor. He ran to hug Brad Pitt crying. “I’m flabbergasted. It really is touching, I appreciate that a lot. I am aware of how generous he has always been Brad. Your generosity has no limits, but that have done something like that… it’s more than I could have imagined. I am very moved, I can not thank them enough – I love You Brad,” he said. These words were the ones that made him cry to Brad Pitt.

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The actor from Oklahoma has come to establish a link with it that defines it as brotherly: “She is my family, we are like brothers. She is a person that I value a lot in my life”, ensures. The protagonist of Seven he was very proud of the end result. “This is amazing. It is fantastic. I waited so long to see that something happens to this trash can.”

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The star of Troy he has worked with Jean Black in more than 40 films, but he admitted that Legends of passion in 1994 it was the most embarrassing of all, since the maquillaora had to use cosmetics to match the line of tan on the back of Brad. “We’re still being unable to look each other in the face when it appears that scene”, he confesses.

After winning the Oscar last February and all awards of the season for the Once upon a time in HollywoodBrad Pitt has been missing. The interpreter already announced that he would take a break from the action. “I think it’s time to disappear for a while and do other things, really I look forward to that. I think that may be the key, stay creative and stay with the people I love,” he said in Good Morning America.

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