Bring to light relationships gay the boyfriend of the mother of Neymar


The mother of Neymar is in the news for making public his courtship with a handsome guy 29 years her junior, who now reveal that has had loving relationships with men.

International media echoed the relationship Nadine Goncalves (52) and Tiago Ramos (23), who is also a football player. The daily Extra and Lance published reports on romance gay of the young man.

Watch the video for details.

Months after his breakup with Malumathe rumors began to relate to Natalia Barulich with Neymar. Then, in February emerged evidence as would confirm.

Such suspicions arose after the model and the footballer were spotted together on various occasions. Similarly, in the social networks have been shown to take it very well.

After the birthday of the brazilian last week, reported in the social networks of a series of messages that would be the confirmation of the romance.

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Neymar, Tiago Ramos

Neymar, Tiago Ramos