Chris Hemsworth promises that your Netflix movie is “the sequence of action is most difficult” of his career


Next week Netflix will premiere Extraction, a new film starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and that will also be known as Rescue mission in Latin America.

This production is directed by Sam Hargrave, who served as stunt coordinator on such films as Avengers: Endgame and Captain America: Civil War.

In that sense, part of the bet Rescue mission will put an important focus on the action. Something that the film in particular will seek to achieve this by a great scene built on the basis of a few unique shots.

Such a scene is the focus of a new promotional material Rescue mission that was revealed by Netflix and the own Chris Hemsworth replied to to anticipate that that is one of the sequences most challenging of his career.

“By far the action sequence more complicated than I have ever been a part of, and if it was not yet sufficiently complex, our director decided to film it as a ‘oner’, almost 12 minutes long and is so exhausting to watch as it was to film it”, wrote the actor. “You lace up your friends!”.

Mission Rescue to be released on April 24 on Netflix.

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