Chuquisaca: retain 46 people who entered from Santa Cruz in a dump truck


46 people who entered in an irregular manner to Chuquisaca, aboard a dump truck for the bridge of “Santa Rosa” (town of Serrano), located at the boundary with Santa Cruz of the Sierra, are retained, until the authorities of their respective municipalities commit themselves to isolate them to comply with the quarantine.

“The decisions about how to proceed, still not yet taken, and so soon to stay there 48 hours. Is coordinating with the various mayors of the other municipalities to see what will be the mode of isolation that is going to have. If you undertake to isolate them I think they are going to move,” said the executive of the magisterium of the town, Julio Orellana.

The professor explained that along with other settlers moved yesterday night to the strait of “Santa Rosa” to verify the amount of people that were arriving to board a dump truck, after anoticiarse of the fact through a message of WhatsApp and also to help not exceeding to the communities that they were doing the vigil at that bridge, in the absence of the military and police forces that left this limit without control, as reported by the villagers themselves.

After taking a census, the teacher said that it is 46 persons, who were transferred from the province Belisario Boeto, Tomina, Mojocoya, Sopachuy and Tarabuco.

In the meantime the mayor Serrano, Mario Ramirez, said that waiting for the arrival of another contingent of citizens who are moving from the city of Santa Cruz, disobeying the Supreme Decree 4200.

The Mayor also announced that that bridge is closed to prevent the pandemic enter Chuquisaca from the department, a neighbor who has recorded quite a few cases of the virus.

For its part, the mnistro of Work and presidential delegate in Chuquisaca, Milton Navarro, announced yesterday night that the sanctions against the violators to the provisions of government will cure and quarantine for persons entering Chuquisaca, is mandatory.

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