Covid-19 reinvents the way of partying


What began as a transmission of Instagram in that, from the comfort of your kitchen, the american DJ Derrick Jones played a playlist in vivo to their friends has become a party online —as an antidote to music against the quarantine by pandemic coronavirus— has gathered behind their screens to hundreds of thousands of people who want to continue the party… including Michelle Obama, Oprah, Will Smith, Rihanna, Mark Zuckerberg and even the presidential candidates presidential democratic party, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“It was march 17. I was alone at home and I refused to leave so as not to increase the infection of coronavirus, but I felt alone.

“Then I realized that my feeling was not unique and I wanted to talk to my friends, share stories, and music via Instagram. I just wanted people to feel good,” said the producer, who is known as D-Nice, during an interview with Access Hollywood.

D-Nice I had no expectations; however, their fans around the world —locked up in their houses, but avid of music and fun— spread the news that a new club had opened its doors on the internet.

A thousand people were still streaming to the next day and the number has not stopped growing until that same week he arrived to 25 thousand spectators, when Jennifer Lopez and Drake have joined the live. Then was born the Club Quarantine.

Seven days later and already with professional production, a mix of soul, pop, hip-hop and R&B made to dance to more than 100 thousand users in nine hours in a row.

From your iPad, the DJ saw that Michelle Obama was interacting in their transmission: “I was nervous because I knew what that could mean for people. In addition, the song sounded like it was ending. But then I remembered that she loves Beyonce and I was able to play for her. She has been there to listen to me, it was incredible.”

Jones plans to continue the holidays in line each week and, he says, he dreams of the possibility of making the first meeting in live Club Quarantine as soon as the contingency.

He says that he’s sure that the world situation caused by the pandemic has forced DJs from around the world to open up field through social networks and different platforms, thus experiencing a new way to publicize their music without having to travel beyond the living room, dining room or kitchen from their homes.

However, the streaming of D-Nice is not the only Club in Quarantine that exists in the world, for the isolation of the pandemic, and the endless possibilities that the internet offers have also driven the creativity of the people to get together, meet new friends, dance and party without the need to leave the house.

A nightclub a click away

Each day of quarantine, from 21:00 hours and until midnight on the dot, the digital platform of video conferencing group Zoom is full of music and becomes the dance floor of a Club in Quarantine that saw the light last march 15 in the canadian city of Toronto, where —as in most cities in the world— nightlife is paused.

The idea that the spirit of the party do not die among young people and that, despite the pandemic, they could meet virtually to dance, drink and even flirt, stemmed from a video on Instagram between Mingus, digital creator; Casey MQ, musician and DJ; Brad, producer and comedian, and Andrew, producer.

The friends decided to open their meeting beyond the social network and moved to Zoom, where they offer a space that is accessible to anyone with a WiFi connection that wants to escape the confinement… at least for a moment.

Club Quarantine has over 40 thousand followers on Instagram, and every night brings together nearly 600 people from all over the world that log on to the league that is published in their profile and, without beating about the bush or much less restrictions, are displayed on the internet with his looks, shows and dance steps more daring.

Germans take the experience to another level

“Don’t do screen shots on the dance floor”, is the motto of a Club in Quarantäne with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, and that, unlike the projects americans, has its own virtual platform, which takes you to another level the experience of going to prom without having to leave home.

“Did you come alone?”, “Do you know what DJ plays today?” question a kind of simulator of bouncer when you enter the site. If the amount of digital assistants is great, you can even have a row to enter.

Built at the base of renders, the club gives life to the environment full of lights and noisy music in a club either, in that there are restrooms, a dance floor, a bar for drinks in the they only offer donations to foundations and NGOS of all kinds, as well as the scenarios of the DJ.

The experience of partying like a German has been a matter of a single night, but the request of a repeat of the occasion has not gone unnoticed: “sorry, not today. Return to the row”, had been announced until recently, but —and in the event that either seek to join— the dance floor will reopen the next 24, 25 and 26 of April.