Crime of Fernando Baez Sosa: will prisoners the eight rugbiers accused |


The Chamber of Appeals and Guarantees of Sorrows confirmed the preventive imprisonment of the eight rugbiers arrested for the murder of Fernando Baez Sosa, occurred on the 18th of January last at the exit of the bowling Le Brique. Will continue to be hosted in the alcaidía of the criminal division of Melchor Romero in The Silver.

The judges Susana Darling Yalrone, Fernando Sotelo and Luis Felipe Defelitto not be issued on the order of house arrest made by the defense, according to published The Nation. On the other hand, the camaristas confirmed to the prosecutor Villa Gesell Veronica Zamboni to follow the command of the cause, since it had been refused by the attorney of the accused for the crime.

With the resolution of the Chamber of Appeals and Guarantees of Sorrows, Maximum Thomsen; Luciano, Cyrus and Luke Pertossi, Enzo Comelli, Ayrton Michael Viollaz, Blas Cinalli and Matthias Benicelli, will continue to be prisoners. In the meantime, Alejo Milanesi and John Peter Guarino had already been released, although continue to linked to the cause.

The order of home confinement formulated by the defense must be resolved by the judge of guarantees of Villa Gesell, David Mancinelli, that intervenes in the record from the start.