Criticize Miguel Bernardeau gesture sexist against their fellow Elite

Some people consider it to be very inconsiderate.

Great scandal has been armed with the photos that came to light of one of the protagonists of Elite, because you’re putting together a great debate in social networks, considering that the actor Miguel Bernardeau made a gesture of macho and little considered with their companions in the series.

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It all started when he revealed a photo in which the actor with Mine The Hammani and Georgina Amorós when it conducted a series of interviews to promote the third season Elite.

The picture looks harmless but there is a detail that left no escape those who are condemning Bernardeau, he has legs so open that takes up half a couch, making her companions are tight. This practice, which is so common in some men who have a name-manspreading.

Exploit against actor Elite by this gesture sexist and rude to their companions 1

The photo that went up a user on Twitter with the description: “half a couch for him and his balls” quickly viralizó and began to come to light other photographs with the same gesture inconsiderate, pointing out that it is not an isolated fact.

In one of the images we see sitting next to current girlfriend, singer, Spanish Aitana Ocaña, at a fashion show doing the same action.

Exploit against actor Elite by this gesture sexist and rude to their companions 2

“If anyone believes that that day was a blip. Although seeing the attitude of the guy always this is the least of it,” wrote one Twitter user.

Despite the fact that the manspreading is done toward women, it also leaked an image on another event Elite, along with two of his companions, Aaron Piper and Álvaro Rico. Bernardeau returns to sit with the legs wide open taking up a large part of space to sit. Nothing good.

Exploit against actor Elite by this gesture sexist and rude to her fellow 3

The images, as expected, caused a lot of controversy because while some people defend him, and to others makes them absurd is condemning the manner of sitting of the actor, there were other comments are not so flattering as “That, of course, but as they are men not important take up the space of the woman and to us super uncomfortable”, “Oops, poor little guy, it seems that if you close a bit the legs estrujarán too much eggs”.

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