Demi Lovato spoke about her recovery from an overdose


Demi Lovato decided to speaking of his experience after the overdose that almost killed her, of the friendships that keeps today and what is will do in this new stage of your life.

The singer was interviewed by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar about the new material that will be published and of what candida that has been during his musical process, because it has refused to talk about it publicly or in interviews.

“I will say that I really appreciated the patience that the audience gave me during the last year and a half to resolve my shitbecause I believe that the error that I made when I was 18 years old, when I went for the first time to a treatment, was that I went back to work six months after” he explained to the publication.

However, this has not been easy, especially because she has attracted the headlines of the magazines, and at the time of his overdose, andlla was unable to control the information that I wanted to make known to the worldso much so, that their own family members learned of his situation long before she could talk.

“It was a bit challenging because what I tried to the view of the public, that was the way that some people learned. Younía family members who received alerts on their phones. We couldn’t even call them before that to see what happened”, he declared.

After the overdose, the headlines broke out even more, however, she opted for the silence and decided to describe his situation, their feelings and everything else inside of his music.

“I have remained on the sidelines for two years. I’ve kept the mouth closed, while the tabloids have gone crazy. And my album is finally a place where I can make things clear” he emphasized.

On July 24, 2018, the singer was transferred to the Medical Center Sinai in Los Angeles, after she was found unconscious in his home. After that we administered Narcan (a treatment administered to counteract the effect of opioids) spent two weeks in hospital. During that time, he was aware of the support of their fans.

It is difficult when you are in a moment as well because you don’t feel worthy of that. But looking back, I understand that I was just someone who was going through something, and that the people really supported me and was there for meand that meant everything,” he admitted.

The actress also hopes that something positive can come out of this situation: the stigma of addiction will go to eliminating and even that can inspire other people who struggle with this disease to seek help.

“What is important to focus on is the outpouring of love and support. This makes it good for people to know that you can ask for help[…] I’ve never felt more loved, which is very good, because I am very single for now”, he joked.

After passing all medical, Lovato broke the link with his former manager, Phil McIntyre in 2018. And, from 2019, who took the reins of her career, it was Scooter Braun, manager of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

This was also beneficial for Lovato, as reconectó with a Great and now considers her a great friend, since they support each other.

“I love the fact that Ariana and I have a friendship so supportive because it is difficult to find. Two women who are in a competitive industry: everyone seems to want to confront the women among themselves, so that it would be very easy to do. I always look forward to friendship with women. I think that is very sacred” he said.

On the other hand Lovato said that does not maintain contact with any of the Jonas Brothers, not even with Nick, with whom he founded the record label Safehouse Records in 2015. Neither considers Selena Gomez as a friend, but he said that he wishes you all the best.

“When you grow up with someone, you’re always going to have love for these people, but I am not a friend of hers […] Always I have love for herand I wish all of you nothing more than best”.

But, who surprisingly kept contact, it was with Miley Cyrusanother graduate of the House of the Mouse. “She is amazing, I love her to death and will always do, always have done. But I think that she is the only one from that era that I still keep in touch” he shared.

Meanwhile, your future projects already include re-act in a comedy of Netflix, an activity that had been paused due to your eating disorder.

My eating disorder prevented me from re-acting for years. But I finally got to a place with my body where I thought: ‘why am I going to let it hold me back when it’s just my shell?’ Hand no longer let my weight control my life”, he said.