Disney+ censorship of the nude Daryl Hannah in A one, two, three… Splash with an impossible mane CGI


MADRID, 15 Apr. (CulturaOcio) –

One, two, three… Splashis available in Disney+… but with some changes really eye-catching. The tape starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah you have been a victim of censorship, that has modified one of their scenes more iconic.

In the film Ron HowardHannah gives life to a mermaid who falls in love with a human and appears topless in some shots of the film. It seems that Disney has wanted to finish with these images, but the result of one of them has been of the most commented on. In this sequence you can see the actress running into the sea and leaving your rear exposed. The streaming service has decided to “fix” this naked and hiding the buttocks of the performer with a mane made by CGI.

The intention was to lengthen visually the hair of the actress, but the result has not convinced the fans, who believe that the amendment seems rather a clump of hair in the style of Cats. “Disney+ did not want to butt in on your platform, so that they published One, two, three… Splash with hair digital“wrote a user on Twitter along with the scene in question.

In another of the sequences in which the actress shows her butt, the option of Disney is enlarge the image to leave out-of-plane the bare buttocks of Daryl Hannah.

The responses of the fans did not wait. “It is worse than the mustache of Henry Cavill“say some while others take it with humor and say that “mermaids have asses hairy“.

The film directed by Ron Howard was nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay, as well as the Golden Globe for best film in the category comedy or musical.