Drake has a mansion impressive and boasts in their networks


Drake, rap singer originally from Canada and naturalized american, he has a mansion incredibly spectacular and teaches it in an interview with the magazine Architectural Digest.

Drake is owner of one of the fanciest mansions in the world and in the video to your topic Toosi Slide can also see some of the places that comprise it.

In the report that makes the magazine cited above, Drake shows what luxurious are the rooms of your residence and leave “with the eye square” to anyone who sees them, because they are spectacular.

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Architectural Digest reports that the mansion of Drake, designed by the architect Ferris Rafauli, is in Toronto, Canada, the hometown of the rapper and has an area estimated at 50 thousand square feet.

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I wanted to have a scale and feeling monumental. It will be one of the things he left behind, so that had to be timeless and strong,” says Drake magazine.

The mansion of Drake, who is 33 years of age, is constructed with hardwoods, luxurious, bronze, and limestone of the NINETEENTH century. Among the details they include, for example, a chandelier with over 20 thousand Swarovski crystals flank a hand.

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My bed lets you float, the shower allows you to escape and collect your thoughts, and the wardrobe makes you want to talk to you while you dress,” says Drake.