Elizabeth Burr, in love with the defiance of a young Virginia de la Mora



The mexican actress Isabel Burr confessed to Efe that he feels nervous about how the audience will receive their participation in the new season of “house of flowers”. Yes, I love the rebelliousness of Virginia de la Mora, her character now becomes, in his younger version, to the series of Manolo Caro.

After the public cry for the absence of Virginia de la Mora in the plot due to the departure of Veronica Castro of the project, the matriarch of the family of the Delinquent returns, but this time more young and free, embodied by Burr.

With twists and turns to the past of the characters, a large part of the third season of “house of flowers” will be held in the year of 1979 to explore the desires, the aspirations, and above all the good or bad decisions of its main characters.

“This season will resolve several important secrets from the first season left us intrigued, closes the cycle and we’re going to discover why Virginia was as it was,” said Burr.

This is not the first time that Isabel and Veronica Castro match to the distance in productions, as Burr (Mexico City, 1988) had previously interpreted Castro, in the series “Until I met you” (2016).


However, in this production which satirizes and praises the style telenovelesco, it was difficult to present that do not give life to the famous actress, if not a character that Veronica performed.

“In this case I’m constantly repeating, ‘you’re Veronica Castro, you are Virginia de la Mora’, which is completely different. Clear that there are certain movements that are the Vero, but I didn’t care to see how it was to Virginia and to separate them, and it was an honor,” he explained.

His preparation was much: at least he saw some eight times the first season before getting to the casting, and that, once inside, Manolo Caro (the project creator) to direct.

“I saw the season without stopping, gave him pause, made notes, saw the movements, how he would grab things, the tone is so specific to the talk, the looks, everything to be able to create his character of a young man”, he says.

Burr anticipates that her character will shock fans of the series, because it is not for nothing the conservative woman who all the viewers know.

“Virginia was a free, so unlike as we see in the first season… for decisions he made had to change and became a conservative woman. She hated being tied to what people say, I hated this life of the Hills (affluent area of Mexico City) and wanted to be free. His biggest fear in life was to be like his mom and that is what it became in the end, I was a rebel, and being fatal,” reflects.


Burr also explained that this season will not be left behind with the social critique characteristic of the work of Expensive.

“It is a parody, it is not anything in real life and he is still playing a lot of the drugs, the debauchery of the 70’s, homosexuality, society. Continue those themes, but different,” he said.

In addition to the characters already known of Cecilia Suárez, Darío Yazbek and Aislinn Derbez, the new cast is made up by the actor and singer Christian Chávez and the singer Ximena Sariñana, Rebecca Jones, Javier Jattin and Tiago Correa.

This successful series from Netflix, with which its director made his debut on tv in 2018, it is a black comedy centered on an affluent family of Mexico, owner of a florist about which flower all kinds of secrets.

The third season, which premiered on the 23rd of April, will be the culmination of the project that started with the participation of Castro as Virginia de la Mora, the matriarch of the family, who for personal reasons had to abandon the second season.

After the death of the character of Castro, his children, Elena (Derbez), Pauline (Suarez), and Julian (Yazbek) faced in the second season of the duel with a family that is falling to pieces and explored topics such as the religious sects and women empowerment, among others.