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With all entertainment centers closed due to the pandemic by the Covid-19, many celebrities have shared their proposals to provide entertainment to their followers by means of their respective social networks; however, there are others that support directly to the fight against this virus.

The production of the television series Grey’s Anatomy decided to donate to different hospitals, the medical supplies that are used in their recordings: “In Grey’s Anatomy we have a supply of gowns and gloves that also donate. We are overwhelmed by the gratitude of our health workers during this period was incredibly difficult,” said Krista Vernoff, writer of the series.

So did the production of Station 19, a spin-off of the above mentioned. “We’ve been fortunate to have some 300 of the coveted masks N95 and were donated to our local firefighters”, said at the time.

The Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem also did their thing to support 100 thousand gloves and 20 thousand masks that were delivered at the Hospital la Paz, Madrid.

“After many days looking for the way to find health material as needed, to be able to buy and donate to the hospitals, finally Javier and I have found a way,” wrote the actress on social media, where he said that they continue in the search for materials to continue the altruistic work.

Another television program that has made efforts to support in the fight against the disease is The Masked Singer, who also made a donation of 10 masks N95 to different hospitals of New York.

“On behalf of everyone at The Masked Singer, we are sending all our love, thoughts and best wishes to all those affected by the coronavirus. Stay safe and healthy. I love you,” said Ken Jeong, judge of the program, in a video released on social networks.

The puerto rican Ricky Martin, through its foundation, created a partnership with Charity Star and Help Home From to seek protection equipment and send it to hospitals around the world, because it is concerned that doctors do not have adequate protection. Also, made a call to the public to join the cause, and assured that he will look to all of your friends to help grow exponentially.

“We have to take care of the doctors, because if not, nobody will take care of us. The only thing you have to do is go to the page for this initiative and donate what you can, a penny or a euro, doesn’t matter. It is extremely important, I’m counting on you”, emphasized the interpreter in a video. His colleagues Alejandro Sanz and Laura Pausini responded to the message and to secure their donations.

The american singer Lizzo did the same by donating food for the doctors to face the pandemic and stressed that it is a way of thanking them for saving so many lives, even when they put in risk the own.

“I just want to say: thank you very much for what you are doing during this pandemic. This, definitely, is not easy and you are putting to the front. For that reason I wanted to invite you to a meal, and I really hope you enjoy it”, shared on social networks.

In addition to donations, there are those who have used their resources for the manufacture of medical materials, such is the case of the Italian firm Armani that, due to the lack of supplies, used in their production workshops to make gowns, medical disposable that go directly to the personal fight against the pandemic.

In addition, the designer Giorgio Armani donated 2 million euros to different hospitals in Italy.

The signature Salvatore Ferragamo also joined the emergency supplies with a donation of 100 thousand masks, 50 thousand pieces of hand sanitizer and 3 thousand masks FPP1 for the region of Tuscany.

In Mexico, the actress and theater producer Pilar Boliver, hand-crafted, made some face cloths that were donated to the people of the third age, a population very vulnerable to the spread of Covid-19.

“Are face cloths of cotton, which have a plot very closed, are double. When you end up doing, we wash them with soap and water, then bring to the boil and to dry in the sun,” he wrote in social networks.

Finally, the rapper Jay Z decided to support one of the most vulnerable sectors, and supplied with face cloths to different jails of the united States, a country that leads the number of infected people in these moments. He and Meek Mill did reach 100 thousand units to the inmates and staff of prisons, as a correctional of Tennessee.

Artists have also joined the fight against the coronavirus by means of monetary donations, such is the case of the singer Pink, who, after being diagnosed positive for the virus, the side of his daughter, and subsequently discharged, he stressed that the screening should be more accessible, which made a donation of 500 thousand dollars to Fund emergency Crisis Covid-19, in the city of Los Angeles.

“Thank you to all of our health professionals and all around the world who are working so hard to protect our loved ones. They are our heroes!”, shared on social networks.

For his part, the actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger contributed with a million dollars to the organization Flexport to carry necessary medical supplies to which around the world.

“This is a simple way to protect our real heroes in action in the first line of our hospitals, and I am proud to be a part of it. I donated a million dollars, and I hope that you all can take a step forward to support them,” said the actor 72-year-old in social networks.

La cantante country Dolly Parton also shared, but directly to the research on the disease, because it ensured that his friend, dr. Naji Abumrad, Vanderbilt University, got in contact with her to ensure that developments were positive in the search for a cure for coronavirus.

“I am making a donation of a million (dollars) to Vanderbilt for such research and to encourage persons, who can afford it to make donations”, wrote the interpreter in social networks.

Other proposals to combat the virus are the of the british musician Elton John and actress, also a native of England, Emilia Clarke. The first is allied with other colleagues such as Alicia Keys, the Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, the leader of Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong; Maria Carey and Tim McGraw to perform a benefit concert.

For his part, Clarke collaborates with the charitable organisation, the Same You, and convened a dinner with 12 people chosen at random, from among his followers to make donations that arrive at the Rehabilitation Hospital Spaulding and the Communication Clinic in the Uk. Its purpose is to gather 250 thousand pounds sterling.

Celebrities are characterized by their altruistic work, and more and more addition in this fight against the virus that keeps it in low threat to the entire planet.


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