Fans of anime to share their twists of plot favorites


In terms of physics and mechanics, spin refers to moving one thing or a person is making you toss and turn on itself or around a thing. In the stories, the twists of plot are those moments you don’t expect and leave you with your mouth open, because I change everything, just as happens in the anime.

For example, sure, you’ve seen that animation of Bravest Warriors where a ‘cat’ tells the story of Sir Jeffers and Rebecca. In a span of one minute 23 seconds, we see it as a potato and loves him and then sends him flying even a stick of wood with eyes.

Now, on the Internet – precisely on Twitter – the conversation began about what are the best twists of plot in the history of the anime. Yes, there are many and the truth is that we could talk for hours on the subject.


For if it was not clear, think of the first time you saw Neon Genesis Evangelionjust when you thought that Rei Ayanami was the waifu greatest of all, you learn that is a to be mass-produced as clones of Jango Fett in Star Wars.

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Anime: These were the best turns of the plot chosen by the fans

What began as a conversation on Twitter that perhaps did not look promising for much, ended as a serious discussion of what we could consider which are the best turns of the plot in the memory of fans of the anime.

This moment in the anime of Attack on Titan left us with the mouth open.
The revelation of Aizen in Bleach is also another remarkable moment, especially when he stops the song Ichigo and then happens what we all already knew.

There are also those that need no explanation and just leave us with a shock that is difficult to surpass.

When Okuyassu returned alive.

Also those surprises I did not see coming by any side.

Already not to mention this classic moment from the anime where Kaneki confronts Jason, or, in default thereof, the end of Code Geass.

Speaking of japanese animation, we present here a list of the series more views through Crunchyroll during the first quarter of 2020.

Do you think that there are twists of plot most outstanding in the history of anime? Probably missing more, and you can share them in the comments.