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These are the actors who came out at Friends and they had their chance in the MCU.

Chandler, Ross, Phoebe, Rachel and Monica were very well accompanied for ten seasons, on which it might be the tv series most influential of the history. Friends was a machine of cameos only comparable to what is now the Movie Universe of Marvel (MCU, for its acronym in English). But how many actors have participated in both products? How many have managed to succeed in the larger phenomenon of the comedy television and in the larger phenomenon of film-making world?

We have done a comprehensive review of the series looking for a match, and although we believe we have done a checkup very serious, I encourage you to give us bear more names on Twitter, through the account of @saladepeligro… Has given us grief let us to Selma Blairthat makes Wendy’s, but whose role in Hellboy not qualify for this article, and to the long list of actors who appeared in Friends and that, surprisingly (or not) have never left in the first 3,000 minutes of film of adventures.

Bruce Willis, George Clooney, Tom Selleck, Gary Oldman (who wants to leave in a), Reese Whiterspoon, Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin (who was able to leave a villain in a movie but did not because his wife was pregnant), Ben Stiller (even though your Mr. Furious in Mystery Men was wonderful), Susan Sarandon, Dakota Fanning, Helen Hunt, Charlie Sheen, or the protagonists of the series. It is indisputable that many of them would be a pleasure for any film worth its salt, while some, like Jennifer Aniston, do not have too much affection for Kevin Present & Co. But in the meantime…

Ant-Man was having an affair with Phoebe

Without a doubt, Paul Rudd the actor, who appear in both “universes”, to be more relevant, given that his character had a pivotal role in the last two seasons of Friends, and his Ant-Man is one of the owners of the MCU. Without doubt, after the events of Endgame, we can say that he and a rat was rescued by the half of the population of the dust of Thanos.

What, if we remember the significance of a rat and her offspring in a certain chapter of the series, makes us think that Phoebe was right and Mike was wrong…

Brad Pitt was The Vanisher

Brad Pitt has one of the cameos shorter of the Marvel Universe in Deadpool 2, although we recognise that only counts as such since the purchase of Marvel by Fox. But is that his appearance in Friends as an old classmate of Rachel, Will Colbertwho hates it with all his heart, was a milestone. Taking into account that at that time were the couple of Hollywood’s golden, was not without its grace.

Pete Becker is Happy Hogan (and the father of Iron Man)

John Favreauthe director of Iron Man and, in fairness, one of the fathers of the MCU, was the boyfriend of Monica Geller during some chapters, and a crazy fight. It was at that time that the sister of Ross worked as a waitress in a diner, very characterized.

Favreau has said on occasion that always is asked by the target of Becker. “He was a man with a lot of focus and conviction. She was hell bent on being champion of Ultimate Fighting and I have no doubt that he tried until the end. I only regret that the writers of Friends not to close that chapter because I’ve always had to live with the uncertainty about which assigned him to the destination“joked the actor and director. Then she had to help in their racing hero Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Not bad.

Dean Lord! Jim Rash and his fight to Captain America

Jim Rash, Community, returned to work with the brothers Russo in the Civil War, in a small role as a link of the MIT. The jokes that flew between the number of Harmon and the Russo and the MCU were frequent, to the point that the last conversation between Annie and Jeff had to the Marvel movies as the protagonists. In addition, the Dean had a fight in the lift that we all recognize…

In the series, Rash was a small cameo in the episode in which Rachel flies to England. The funny thing is that in the same episode he went out Hugh Laurie. The Doctor House that recently it was rumored that you could also get to be Doctor Doom. In theory, it is a rumor in the Hollywood Reporter echoed by many media in Spanish, but I have been unable to find the original source, or other articles in English on the subject. So what I will take with tweezers, for now.

Ross did not want to deal with Mystical because it was a little… sow

Rebecca’s top romijn was, for many, the best Mysticism. Was more dangerous, more evil, and had no problem with the blue paint. Jennifer Lawrence is immediately passed to the side of the poor, he stopped to use the distinctive “outfit” devised in the movie, Brian Singer and came out in some of the worst movies of the saga.

The actress made the times of a ligue of Ross, and gave us the most unlikely of the ten seasons. I will defend forever that Ross and Rachel were taking a break, but never will I forgive them to be so especialito. Do you have in front of Rebecca’s top romijn and it seems that the apartment is suciete? Most men I know, and some of the women, they would have done on a bed of fresh manure.

Joey peed in the Grand Master

Our beloved Joey Tribbiani had to put up with the pis to demonstrate your sense of urgency in an audition with the famous actor Leonard Hayes, played by Goldblum, and ended miccionando about him, in a moment really hilarious.

Since then, Goldblum has had occasion to interpret the Great Teacher in Thor Ragnarok, and is completing, slowly, his inevitable passage to the side Goldblum of the force. Grrr…

Scott Adsit, agent of Shield

The best of Scott Adsit (30 Rock), who is in charge of make an audition for Joey in that you have to appear naked, and to conceal his absence of foreskin, does not appear in any movie of the MCU, but it has its own character, an agent of Shield that we met in the comics of Deadpool. Since then, it is common to ask Adsit appears in any of the films.

In addition, the actor appears in the podcast of Marvel and Stitcher ‘Wolverine: The Long Night”. In the same podcast he also went Bob Balaban, which in Friends is the father of Phoebe ?

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