“Happy Days”, blink-182 launches video from quarantine


Still in quarantine due to the Covid-19, blink-182 don’t stop ‘working’. The video “Happy Days” gives a sample of it. The audiovisual was created entirely while the band members are safeguarded on the occasion of the health crisis. Throughout the video we can see Mark, Travis and Matt spending time with his family or playing their respective instruments.

“Happy Days” it is part of the album Nine released by californians in 2019. For this video, blink-182 he summoned his fans through Instagram to share clips where you show how you’re going to not get bored in the running of the bulls. It is as well as the fans of the band appear by doing a variety of things while living this closure.

Some nights you call for the jaws of life
To pull you out of the crash
To forgotten ghost from your past
When enough doesn’t cut it
When you’re backed up against a wall
Is it the life that you wanted?
When you could never have it all?

The video is made in portrait format, just to be viewed on mobile devices such as cell phones or tablets. blink-182 also included cameos of personal as the former Jackass, Steve-O, Babs Szabo of Emo Nite, Machine Gun Kelly, Bella Thorne or Bert McCracken the band The Used. The end result is fun, and entertaining, judge yourselves: