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In the midst of confinement and compulsory social that governed in Spain by the advance of the coronavirus, the Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic gave an interview via Skype the newspaper Catalan World Sports, in which he spoke of everything.

From his worst moment in the club, when it was essential to forgotten, until his current situation, in that it is a contract year and his future is uncertain, also had words referring to the low wages and the latest scandal that occurred in the institution, where six officers resigned.

“To be able to play at the club is the perfect place.I had the first part of the season very rare, very uncomfortable and surprising to me, but then I have to learn several things and keep improving. Sometimes things happen that one does not understand, but that should not understand them but accept them. I hope I can finish this contract year”, wished the Croatian, who was not taken into account by Ernesto Valverde nor after the arrival of Quique Setién.

The midfielder passed it pretty bad during the last year
The midfielder passed it pretty bad during the last year

From his home in Castellefels, the midfielder assured that he does not understand why he went from being a key player to occupy a place on the bench or not be called upon to play the games: “With the people that I have spoken to you nor would I have been able to give an explanation or something specific. To me the thing that hurt me the most was not to play or not to play, but the way. Last year was the best of the six that I have been here. I was very surprised, do not understand it, but I’m going to accept it, because what I want is what is best for the team, my teammates and the club. The results have not been the best, and you have not told me, and to me that hurt me very much”.

The player of 32 years has left ajar the possibility of being a victim by not having entered into an operation that had provided for the club. “I’ve wanted to go always in front. If they had wanted me to go to another computer, where I would have liked me to say so. Surely I have done a lot of favors to teammates and coaches, and I’ve shown that you can always count with me, and if it were that the reason, the more I would hurt so,” he said.

In regards to your future and to the times economically because of the coronavirus, from Spain began to consider the possibility of “exchange” of players between clubs: “I am not a sack of potatoes with which to make anything,” said Rakitic, and added: “with Me you can always talk, but most important: I want to be in a place where they want me, they respect me and need me and where both my family and I feel well. Those behaviors towards me because they know I don’t like and have it pretty clear.”

Rakitic went from indispensable to forgotten in Barcelona
Rakitic went from indispensable to forgotten in Barcelona

Finally, the former Sevilla spoke of the considerable reduction in salaries, and was considered necessary what was done: “This pandemic will be that many businesses feel very harmed, and we were clear that we had to move around.”

“It was the initiative of the captains, we have always been very clear, and of course had to do it, one only had to look at the way how to do it. but we have not hesitated, nor what we discussed,” he said.

After the scandal, recent within the leadership of Barcelona, where six officers, including the club’s vice-president resigned over differences with the president, Rakitic said: “I Hope to be able to trust the people who are in the club, and hopefully this part will be able to reassure as soon as possible, because now what we need is to be united”.

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