‘He says that he opened a third eye’: Family Paty wants to take her to the doctor


In the last few months, Paty Navidad has become one of the most controversial figures to broadcast their opinions on Twitter about issues like global warming, the environmental activist Greta Thunberg, or as it has been done recently on the coronavirus, to say that it is a virus created to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical.

As a person close to the family of the actress, she talked with the magazine TV Notes and noted that they were very concerned about the mental health of Christmas, who he said are depressed for not getting work as before. That, plus the fact the opinions he launches in their social networks, is the reason that your family has thought of to get it to a psychiatric clinic.

“Spend all day watching videos and reading books about political conspiracies, ufos and forces of evil; she is very obsessed with those topics. People insult and make fun of her horrible. Call it pe…, uncultured, ignorant, immature, and to say he is on drugs. Even in programs such as Drop the soup and Come the joy you have made a mockery of it,” the source said.

Despite these criticisms, the respondent stated that Paty Navidad is so sure of what it says, it does not care what you think of it, because it ensured that the others are ignorant who do not see beyond, and that “she has the absolute truth of what is happening in the world.”

According to the source, in addition to claiming that global warming and the femicides are an invention of the New World Order, the actress says she has communicated with her sister, who died four years ago. “He says that he has spoken with her by means of dreams, since it ensures that she has the unique power to control them and program them while you sleep to find answers”.

But the explanation most amazing came after, then the source claimed that Paty says that because of a tumor he had on the brain in 2012, he opened a third eye with which you can connect with the universe and receive energy from other people.

“Yes, and your family is already worried. At the beginning, respect their ideas, but Paty has become very paranoid, I believe that everything that happens in the world is a conspiracy and that they are spying for extermination”.

According to the person close to the family, one of the sisters of Christmas already asked that they were going to see a psychiatrist, since your problem has affected you to such an extent that they or the producers want to hire because it seems very unlikely their behavior.

“He absolutely refuses, even offended because her family could believe that she is crazy, but really they just want you to get the help you need,” he said.