Hollywood stars who make the leap to the series of Amazon Prime Video


The tv is gaining popularity day by day. Although the television commercial to which we were accustomed not stop losing hearing gradually, the new technologies allow enjoy content much more tailored to our tastes and, what is more important: at the time that each one what you want, without schedules, and without advertising.

The great Hollywood stars know this, and each time is more usual that the faces most recognized of the seventh art dare to star in tv series with a great success. Amazon Prime Video is one of the great examples and has a large supply of series own played out by actors and actresses from the first line, with which we can enjoy at any time.

Homecoming (Julia Roberts)

“The first four minutes of ‘Homecoming’ do more for the series than any synopsis”. So he presented The Confidential series starring Julia Roberts, and that became one of the best in 2019. A psychological thriller written in any rule which, through two temporary lines, it captures the viewer from the very first chapter and keeps you glued to the sofa during the ten episodes of the season (only 30 minutes duration each). Mystery, aesthetics and development calculated from the plot for a great series to enjoy, and has already confirmed a second season.

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Hunter’s (Al Pacino)

Since you speak of ‘Hunters’ when we look at the best series for you to enjoy during the quarantine. And is that the original series on Amazon Prime starring Al Pacino has everything to succeed: a story based on actual events, an aesthetic of the 70’s very accomplished and a few scenarios in the city of New York, you immersed in the plot. If, in addition, you have an actor of the stature of Al Pacino, normal, which has received high praise since its premiere.

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Carnival Row (Orlando Bloom)

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne lead the cast of ‘Carnival Row’, a series somewhere between the mythology and the social denunciation and that it is set in the victorian era. The plot is based on the coexistence between humans and mythological beings, which must live in the same city after a tragic refugee crisis. The conflicts between the different species and the appearance of a serial killer that threatens the fairies will be the strong points of a story that has already guaranteed a second season.

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Star Trek: Picard (Patrick Stewart)

Star Trek in one of the sagas most prolific in the history of science fiction. Amazon Prime Video opted for a new plot based on the figure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, and which are situated temporarily 20 years after what happened in the movie ‘Star Trek: Nemesis’. A series which has been liked to both fans of the saga as those who never felt attracted by the universe of the ‘trekkie’ and you get that you didn’t have to be a fan of Star Trek to understand the plot and enjoy it completely.

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Modern Love (Anne Hathaway)

Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Catherine Keener, Andrew Scott… the cast of Modern Love could not be better. Actors that give life to everyday stories, because not everyone knows that Modern Love is born of a column in the New York Times that, since the year 2004, published weekly stories from the readers themselves. The director John Carney was chosen to carry eight of these stories from paper to the small screen and the result is so fresh and delicious, with the city of New York as the best possible scenario. A series to enjoy.

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Jean-Claude Van Johnson (Jean Claude Van Damme)

In the same list included Julia Roberts, Al Pacino, Anna Hathaway and Jean Claude Van Damme seems strange. The muscular actor is that kind of character that either you love it or hate (or rather, the second thing, cinematically speaking), but in 2017 was shocked with a series in the parody itself: the plot will unfold in three distinct characters that are interspersed in all the time and make that reality and fiction can barely be separated. As published in The Confidential when it premiered, “resorts to humor such an idiot that an idiot is brilliant.”

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The line that separated the great actors of Hollywood of the before unappreciated actors of television no longer exists. It is increasingly common to see stars of film playing the leading roles in the new series and on Amazon Prime Video you have six original series to enjoy them with great performances. And, of course, at any time and from any place.