How Chris Pratt as Wolverine? The hair already has


With permission from know who will be the next 007if there is a witness juicy that take up the slack in the world of film is the Wolverine. The problem, however, is that we are more accustomed to change of James Bond to Logan. This last it is hard to believe that it won’t be more (unless that would make you change your mind) Hugh Jackman.

From his farewell after 9 films in the role are many actors who have rung to get the claws of adamantium. However, it’s so mysterious what Marvel will do with the universe X-Men that still don’t see the light that vislumbrará the new Wolverine. In fact, lately we don’t see the light, so, in general terms. We are, as all over the world, locked in our homes watching it all the day stuff on the internet and working (which, for us, comes to the same thing). One of the current buzz is that raparse faced with the impossibility of going to a hairdresser and the little risk that you have if you have bad look Gift clean. But there is another option, which is rather the opposite, letting the hair and beard, something wild, something… Wolverine.

That last option is the one which has chosen Chris Pratt in this quarantine. What is certain is that this is the first time that the interpreter of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (and tamer of velociraptors in Jurassic World) it sounds to paper. But that is because the same has uploaded a photo with her look Wolverine to Instagram. An image that the mismisimo Hugh Jackman, has not hesitated in sharing with a simple “cute” that, for us, is an “ok” more than enough. And yes, Jackman gives the ok to Chris Pratt as his successor, we also.

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