“I ask you to pray for me,” Myrka Dellanos before pandemic coronavirus

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Myrka Dellanos he has demonstrated his professionalism to keep working in these times alert health in the united States and the rest of the world.

The communicator has shared that is shattered and asks for prayers for her.

The mother of the also beautiful Alexa Dellanos has shared a photography in Instagram where looks really beautiful in a suit coat pink, but in addition to its beauty, that touches the heart is the message.

Dellanos said that they keep communicating on the coronavirus and that the stories will tear at the heart as not only communicate but live the situation with the rest of the people.

“Friends – every day we bring you the latest report on the coronavirusthere are stories that break the heart. This time, not only we, but together we are living the same drama, he wrote in his message.

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The communicator noted that it is a difficult process for them as well, so that asked for prayers for her in these difficult moments.

“I’m praying for you all each day. Please pray for me. Together, we will come out of this.”

Recently, his daughter Alexa Dellanos shared his concern for his motherwho to say she plays life by staying in the station to report.

Alexa, for its part, has confirmed that it is respecting the quarantine and continues to delight his followers with cheeky pictures in their networks social.

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