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Kendall Jenner turned 24 years old last November 3. As perhaps many of those who follow their gaits remember, the american model spent an excellent evening at the side of several people of his full confidence.

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At that time we were taken numerous photographs. Some of these quickly became viral in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.

Recently, an image is added to that group. In the photo, Kendall Jenner coming out the side of your birthday cake. The tip of your nose is stained from the cream of the cake.

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Was Lauren Perez who rose photography Instagram as a story. Due to the fleeting nature of that type of publicationsonly a few had the opportunity to see the image.

If forms part of this collective, no need to worry about. Here we leave such content. Neglected, we do not appreciate.

This is the picture. (@kendalljenner)
This is the picture. (@kendalljenner)


Kendall Jenner plays with her dog, Pyro



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