Ironman 4: fans create trailer of the return of Robert Downey Jr. Marvel | Avengers: Endgame | series and Cinema


The fatality reached Tony Stark in the aftermath of the tragic events of Avengers: Endgame. The sacrifice made by the popular Ironman allowed to give an end to the Saga of the Infinity, leaving his fans shocked with his unexpected farewell.

After more than a decade in the role, Robert Downey Jr. ended his participation in the Movie Universe of Marvel. However, still there are rumours of a possible agreement between the company and the actor to return in a possible production, but not as the superhero, but as an Artificial Intelligence system to guide you to a new breed of characters.

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The plans of ‘the house of ideas’ retelling with Robert Downey Jr. are still uncertain. However, this has failed to stop their fans, who have already shared in the social networks, how it would look like the trailer of a new movie starring the Man of iron.

The leader of the Avengers appears in the footage of the Youtube account Billy Crammer as if it were a hypothetical fourth output alone. Despite the talks between the two parties, it is very unlikely that Marvel will decide to come back to life to Ironman, as desconfiguraría what has been working for the Phase 4.

Watch here the trailer of Ironman 4 made by fans:

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However, it is speculated that Robert Downey Jr. will have a cameo in the next tape Black Widow, prequel that will be part of the history of Natasha Romanoff and will mark the end of Scarlett Johansson in the role of the Black Widow. The film was forced to change his release date, so that you will reach the big screen at the end of this year.