It explodes the war! Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes imitate Miley Cyrus


There is not a day that goes by without that the protagonists of the show business give samples of their solidarity, some do it with economic contributions, others lending their image and even anyone is encouraged to dance-a-thons to raise funds. The way chosen by Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes looks a lot like to which Miley Cyrus chose in her day.

The pair of singers got to do that the children admitted at the National Hospital Children’s of Washington DC could forget her ailments thanks to several videos through which they talked a while and even it ripped with a song.

But not content with this contribution, Camila and Shawn they made a tasty donation to another medical centre the Jackson South Medical Center in Miami. Thanks to the donation of the artists, the health of this centre almozaron of free sandwiches to the purest Cuban style.

The toilets have run to thank the gesture of a Hair and Mendes flooding the network with messages of thanks, with the same effusive affection they did when Miley Cyrus donated a large number of burritos so that they would not have to worry about your food, it is clear that the pair of singers have copied it to Miley.

Shawn Mendes has gone a little bit further, and in addition to helping Camille in these donations to title particular was in charge of getting close to 175 thousand dollars to the SickKids Foundation of Toronto (Canada) to support the purchase of medical equipment that will contribute to ending the pandemic.

Not a single one of the celebrities has taken the time to provide help and collaborate, the chosen forms and the recipients depend on your choice, but the purpose of them all is the same, to alleviate the effects of this virus and to help people more disadvantaged.