Ivar Nikolaisen (Kvelertak): “We have been number 1 in sales, above Justin Bieber”


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Ivar Nikolaisen, at a concert in Tilburg (the Netherlands) | Photo: Hughes Vanhoucke

The Norwegian band continues squeezing the most explosive and unmatched combination between extreme metal and rock and roll on their new album, ‘Splid’, which went on sale last February 14, and marked the debut study of their current vocalist, Ivar Nikolaisen.

Precisely, he was the frontman of the band who responded with great kindness to Jason Arbour, and explained to him, in the interview, which you can read in full in the number 422 of The Heavy, to the sale in kiosks and in our online storehis theory as to why a band like Kvelertak it is so massive in Norway, where his popularity is so broad that it transcends the sector of public akin to rock and metal, and reaches out to the general public: “ I think that is because Kvelertak is a band of party also, so that the people not listening to metal I also like, just as a rock band”.

In a country like the scandinavian, where Kvelertak is heard actively by countless followers of musical styles far removed from black metal, it is not surprising that their success will be reflected in the sales charts every time they release a new disc: “We’ve played in festivals mainstream in Norway, and have been number one in sales, above Justin Bieber! It is very cool.”

“Of course, we have parts in some way to trade in our songs, and the catchy” – supports Nikolaisen – “but at the same time, music is a very powerful. All countries have a band that you listen to even music really hard.”

“You’ve been here and you know how small is Norway” – discusses with Jason Arbour, a frequent visitor in the nordic country –. “We have three or four large cities. Oslo is the largest and is not as large as Barcelona. And then we get to Bergen, Trondheim and Stavanger, which are cities really small. When you walk through the streets of Stavanger, you will always find someone you know, and if we’re going to the bars, we know all over the world. Even in Oslo. I have been part of the scene of rock of Oslo for more than twenty years, and I’ve seen bars open and close, and the same people getting older… One sees changes all the time”.

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