Johnny Knoxville surprises with its present appearance, covered in gray hairs


“As the years have gone by”…

In this quarantine we are all trying to contribute their grain of sand, and celebrities have not been left behind, either telling stories, giving concerts, or other as Johnny Knoxville, who gave a powerful message on the social networks.

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But the message of the creator of Jackass was not what caught attention, but the appearance of the comedian, who looks very different, full of gray hairs that make you appreciate more of his 49 years.

“Don’t tell anyone, but since I am not a natural brunette. I have not been for over 20 years, so today I decided to cut my hair up to the roots to match my beard of quarantine. You should start a challenge, but I don’t want to call anyone. Oh hugs to you all!”.

Up to now the publication of the actor of Jackass takes nearly half a million likes and lots of comments from his followers as: “Welcome to the club salt and pepper”, “it Seems old man”.

Looks like old man Johnny Knoxville surprises with its present appearance 1

Johnny Knoxville is a comic actor and double american, who rose to fame as the co-creator and main star of Jackass, MTv show that emerged in the 2000’s and dealt with absurd situations without any kind of security.

There is No doubt that the time does not pass in vain, Right?

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