Jose Canseco is coming again against Alex Rodriguez, and sends a strong message to Jennifer Lopez

The expelotero cuban Jose Canseco continues his efforts to prove that the former player of baseball american Alex Rodriguez she has been unfaithful to his partner, the famous artist from new york Jennifer Lopez.

After that the waters might quench after the accusations that poured last year, the habanero has returned to lash out against the fiance of the singer via Twitter, then shared two publications in his profile of the above-mentioned social network, one dedicated to Arod and the other to the Diva of the Bronx.

In your first post the cuban wanted to send a congratulatory message to all his followers on the occasion of the celebration of Easter, except Arod: “Happy Easter to everyone except for Alex Rodriguez.”

I then devoted a few words to Jlo in the back to ensure that he had proof that showed the slip of her boy: “Jennifer Lopez, I have something to show you for your eyes, only that you will not regret, make contact with Morgan,” he added.

Last year, the cuban starred in a huge controversy by accusing Arod, also via Twitter, have been unfaithful to Jennifer Lopez with his ex-wife Jessica, a few words that fell like an atomic bomb because they were just after that the expelotero american requested marriage to Jlo.

Jessica, for her part, denied the words of former husband Canseco claiming that these accusations were completely false and that they simply maintained a friendship for many years with Rodriguez.

“Oh, these false accusations that Joseph is making are not true! I know Alex for many years and I’ve never seen this in 5. Certainly not slept with him. I am friendly with both him and Jennifer. Joseph, you may continue playing with their extraterrestrial friends,” Jessica said.

However, far from disowning and leave to one side the subject, Canseco followed with his idea and invited Arod to submit to a polygraph to prove that his infidelity was true or not.

“Alex Rodriguez, I challenge you to a polygraph, are you enough man to face?”, he wrote the cuban in his day in his controversial Twitter account.

Jennifer Lopez, for his part, just days after the controversy and stay away from the words of Canseco, he decided to break the silence and spoke on the topic through an interview in the radio programme The Breakfast Club.

When asked by the messages from the cuban actress and singer defended at all times to your partner, it was quiet and safe and said to know the entire “truth” on the matter.

“I mean, it has no importance. I know which is the truth. I know who it is (Alex). He knows who I am. We are happy,” he said, “we’re not going to let other people come to us to tell us how is our relationship. I know how is our relationship” he concluded, ” without hardly give importance to the situation.

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