Justin Bieber joins the Allin Challenge and says how to be part of this


United States.- Justin Bieber has given a great news to his followers, so after informing that I decided to join the challenge #ALLINCHALLENGE, which seeks to raise funds to help the people ms affected by the Covid-19, revel in dynamics that form part of this trend.

Accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE. I am helping to raise funds for the needy, giving what many of you have asked for. Visit allinchallenge.com/justin-bieber to have the opportunity to fly to your city, go to your house and I sing to them One Less Lonely Girl. Aydame to feed the hungry during this time difficult. Thanks, I wrote the interpreter together with the video where inform this news.

It is worth pointing out that the topic is very representative for the canadian, as during her tours alone climb a fantica the
stage and dedicate this single that belongs to his album ‘My World’ in front of all those present.

In the same way, when you did your wedding Hailey Baldwin, Justin le dedic this song to his now wife, and in the middle of the party she asked for a chair to sing in front of all the guests One Less Lonely Girl.

Source: Agency Mexico