Katy Perry wears the playboy bunny to show off her pregnancy (+photos)

Dressed as playboy bunny of easter, the singer Katy Perry bragged on social media how he has grown the pork belly with pregnancy.

The interpreter of “Dark Horse” published in your account of Instagram, a tender photo taken in front of the mirror where they will see you without makeup and smiling.

Perry has been slowly releasing details of her pregnancy. A few days ago, with a photo of his partner, the actor Orlando Bloomalso revealed that the baby they expect it will be a girl.

The singer announced her pregnancy at the beginning of march with the theme “Never Worn White“ where he is seen with long blonde tresses and a voluminous floral dress.

Perry, and Bloom have spent several years together and last 14 February 2019 committed, although so far, they have not announced the date of their wedding.


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