Lady in a swing built on ‘chef’

The secret of the tele than it does today is cause excitation. No matter which type of program you are doing, the question is trufarlo shock picantones, performances voluptosas, as has happened in the start of the eighth season of Masterchef (TVE-1). Was a contestant, Teresain Barcelona, accompanied by a swing that hung from the ceiling and told the chef Pepe Rodriguez: “Oh! Pepe, what a handsome man you are, come, come to see this swing sexual that I’ve brought and I’m going to columpiar for you”. And Teresa he leapt in the air, the rocker and the swing of the chair was embedding on the glorious body of Pepe Rodriguez that holding my foot, as a Don Tancredo, the onslaught. Every slam she empotraba more and more, and grab with the legs Pepe at the waist, and we practiced the call caliper ethylene plants, well-studied in the Kamasutra. Naturally that should be all preparadísimo because it is not hung from the ceiling of a set and a swing set in a plisplás if before you are not ready the hooks and anchors that are needed. But the truth is that with this shtick of Lady in a swing built on chef they got that night for a hearing fabulous and also scored the minute of gold of the day.

The margin of these jueguecitos, harmless in the background, but approaching the Masterchef TVE-1 is the Save Me A Tomato Tele 5, at the margin, say, at home we drew a lot of attention to the contestant Fidelby profession a musician rocker, which has the particularity that it does not flash almost never. It is an amazing thing. Big eyes, still and expectant, looking and staring, courageous, without that lower the curtain of your eyelids never.

I remember that time ago, in The anthillto a number of guests asked to participate in a contest called International championship of go without blinking. Quique San Francisco, Imanol Arias and the american actor Chris Pratt were as the less flash in the world. Man, it is not a record that is final. Do not have the audience that we are in front of the tv. Many times, seeing what the tv puts us, we are the eyes as Gremlins for days and days. For example seeing the great success of a program gastro has been a lady on a swing, embedding the chef Pepe Rodriguez.

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