Liam Hemsworth confesses, it was not easy to live with Miley Cyrus


The actor Liam Hemsworth finally opens the doors of his heart and reveals more details of l that was his relationship with Miley Cyrus who says it was not an easy coexistence.

Now the actor Liam Hemsworth is in its best moment, has since launched several months ago a relationship, your family is happy to cheer for him and he for now only wants to enjoy and live in the moment, he says.

Then in August of the past 2019his life give an unexpected turn of the night to the morning after the announcement of the singer of their separation, Hemsworth today, you have found the peace that so much was looking for, however still remember the days sad that he lived in his relationship which he hinted was not easy at all.

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The actor and Miley Cyrus held a long-standing relationship in any way intermittent for a long time, when finally got married life was not as I envisioned it in the beginning as far away from that, life with Miley it was a period very “stressful,” he said.

Over a long period of time, it was very stressful and it really caught me.” he revealed to Men’s Health.

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Similarly, the actor hinted that in the majority of cases, the things that have been said about him are completely false, and has wanted to raise the voice, however, sometimes it is not worth talking about because they only call more attention, he noted, “sometimes it is better to let you pay attention to these things and let the time pass.”

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At the same time, he explained that he decided to better focus your energies in your family and in your new relationship together with your partner.

Just try to find something positive in everything and enjoy life as much as possible, noted Liam Hemsworth, according to a publication of Seventeen magazine.

Then they announced their separation, after a few months later, the actor found a relationship to the side of Maddison Brownthat would be brief, because after getting to know Gabriella Brooksthe model stole the heart and who has spent several months.

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For its part, Miley Cyrus again found the love in a relationship is apparently stable at the side of Cody Simpson.