Marlene Favela celebrates six months of his daughter Bella


The image of Marlene Favela next to your baby melts the hearts of his followers in social networks, to the point that it exceeded 160 thousand likes, as well as, thousands of comments.

The actress, 42 years, wrote at the foot of the photo: “I’ve given him the 6 months most beautiful of my life!! Love you forever and for always”.

About Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela of Mexico he ventured into acting with television soap operas For your love, Hell in paradise, Women deceived, The house on the beach, Between the love and the hate and The outsider. For her role as “Lupita” in this latest production, is nominated as rookie of the year Awards The Herald Mexico.

The writer Alberto Gómez is fixed in it in the actress and gives him his first starring role in feral Cat, that broke audience records. He shared the stage with actors as Mario Cimarro, Carolina Tejera and Marjorie de Sousa. He also participated in the music video of Pablo Montero “Gata salvaje”, main theme of the soap opera.

In theatre, Marlene Favela working with Helena Rojo and Julio German, in Dreams of a seducer and I Know unfaithful and don’t look with whom, and also participates as a presenter for the programme Meridian X, which is about the practice of extreme sports.

Subsequently, and always in soap operas, the actress returns to Mexico to make a special participation in two episodes of bridal Veil (2003), produced by Juan Osorio. In 2004, he also participates in a Ruby, under the production of Jose Alberto Castro, playing “Sonia Echevarria”. That same year, also made her debut as a businesswoman, opening a gift shop in Queretaro.

In 2005, Marlene Favela, a native of Mexico, the protagonist, Against wind and tide along with Sebastián Rulli. After participating in the music video of the song “Always with you” of the mexican group “Los Tucanes de Tijuana”.

In 2006 the actress Salma Hayek invites you to participate in the us series Ugly Betty, and then, in 2007, starred in Zorro: the sword and the rose, the first soap opera of the story filmed in HD. This production was done by Telemundo, in partnership with Sony Pictures and she also participated Christian Meier, Erick Elias and Harry Geithner.

After a time, the Association of cronistas of the spectacle, New York grants Marlene Favela prize ACE to the best actress of television stage for his role of “Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada” in Zorro: the sword and the rose.

After the premiere of the project that marked his debut on Telemundo is chosen by the television network, along with Carlos Ponce, to present the Billboard Music Awards Latin 2007.

That same year, with the occasion of the celebration of the 50 years of the telenovela in Mexico, the producer Rosy Ocampo the call to star alongside Lucia Mendez and Sergio Goyri telenovelas Love without makeup, Televisa. As part of the premiere of this production, Marlene Favela of Mexico plasma their footprints on the Walk of Luminaires in Mexico City.

In 2008, the actress participates in the movie Playball, Alfonso Rodriguez, which premiered at the first Festival of dominican cinema Miami. In this feature film Favela shares credit with Ivonne Montero, and Luis Lopez. This same year, the actress appeared on the magazine’s list of the “People en español” as one of the 50 most beautiful faces in the art world, the side of Javier Bardem, Sofia Vergara and Angelica Rivera.

After four years of absence, in 2011 Marlene Favela returns to the screens with Telemundo to star in the telenovela Los herederos Del Monte again with Mario Cimarro. This production is realuzada in Colombia, recorded entirely in HD, and with the participation of figures such as Diana Quijano, José Luis Resendez, Roberto Mateos, and Natasha Klauss, among others.

In 2012, the actress returns to the screens of Univision to star in Miami the soap opera a passionate Heart along with Guy Ecker and Susana Dosamantes, Lorena Meritano, Daniela Navarro, and Carlos Guillermo Haydon, among others.

On the 27th of July of that year, Marlene Favela, born of Mexico, exceeds a stroke by which you cancel your participation in the tour of the play ” A dinner with lively, next to Juan Soler. Two months later he gets a role antagonistic to The face of the revenge, soap opera in which she shared credits with David Chocarro, Saul Lisazo, Maritza Rodriguez & Elizabeth Gutierrez.

On the 18th of October, the actress re-presenting a new edition of the Billboard awards for the mexican music, this time followed by Rafael Amaya, and television host Daniel Sarcos that will serve as hosts of the awards made by Telemundo Studios.

On February 9, 2013, Marlene Favela is crowned queen of the mariachi at the Teatro Railroad of Mexico City, on the occasion of the world Day of the Mariachis. “I’m happy, excited and aware of this great responsibility of representing the mariachis not only in my country but also at the international level and along with Chucho Lopez I will seek the unity of the various guilds that focus musicians mariachis, for the dream of Home of the Mariachi”, she said to the press after his coronation.

That same month, returns to be the cover of the magazine H.

In 2014, the actress participates in the second season of The lord of the heavens and of Telemundo, with Rafael Amaya, Ximena Herrera, Carmen Villalobos, Fernanda Castillo and Mauricio Ochmann. In the series plays Victoria Navárez, candidate to the governance of the state of Jalisco, and that it maintains a sentimental relation with the drug lord Aurelio Casillas, the protagonist of the story.

In 2015, after several years, Marlene Favela, natural Mexico, go back to the company that was born as histrión, Televisa, to participate in the telenovela producer José Alberto Castro Passion and power, playing the villainess Nina Montenegro, to the side of Fernando Colunga, Susana Gonzalez yJorge Salinas .

The march of 2019, the actress makes a special appearance on the second season of For love without law, where the incarnation of Monica, a woman who is pretending to be Veronica, to avenge the death of his son.