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Marvel and DC Comics are two of the entertainment industries of superheroes more popular in the world. His long list of characters captivate children and adults alike.

Both companies have a rivalry that is known by the fans of the comics. However, in terms of film productions, Marvel takes the lead in DC Comics.

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Two of the most important people of the industry of the comics are Aquaman and Thor, superheroes that have been performed in the film by Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth, respectively.

Although the two heroes have superpowers, completely different, in social networks circulates two images that swap the roles between actors; the result is impressive.

In the first design, you can see Hemsworth as Aquaman, a role he fits so well and makes it similar to your simile of the comic.

Chris Hemsworth is Aquaman.

While Momoa wears the suit Thorthe God of Thunder; in social networks the majority of users agrees that the character doesn’t like anything bad to the actor hawaiian.

Jason Momoa is Thor.

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Who is Thor?

The well-known superhero based on the deity norse of the same name. Thor is the god of thunder asgardiano that has the hammer enchanted Mjolnir, which grants him the ability to fly and manipulate the weather among other attributes superhuman.

Who is Aquaman?

Aquaman (real name Arthur Curry) is a superhero that appears in comic books americans published by DC Comics. Created by artist Paul Norris and writer Mort Weisinger, the character debuted in More Fun Comics # 73 in November 1941.

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