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Once upon a time in Hollywood it is, for some, the film less “Tarantinesca” of Quentin Tarantino, while for others it is one of their most complete works and intelligent. It would be a reductionism unfair and unfounded to characterize the films of this great director only with blood, explicit scenes of violence when in reality it is much more than that. The essence is in the details through which manages to convey a message and at the same time the tribute which it pays to genres and stages of the film that marked his childhood. In the case of this, his latest work, focuses on the emergence of the “New Hollywood”, a movement in cinema that has modernized significantly in the production of films in the united States, and thus marked the end of the classic film.

As with the rest of his filmography, Tarantino was commissioned to write the script of this fantastic movie which has as protagonists to Rick Dalton, a star in decline who tries to adapt to the changes that living the industry, and to its double action, Cliff Booth, who is also his partner and friend.

Although these two characters are fictitious, they also appear as real personalities as Roman Polansky, Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee and, fundamentally, the Sharon Tate, an actress on the rise who was brutally murdered by the clan Manson. However, as he knew how to make in Bastards without glory, the filmmaker will be taken the license to rewrite history in pursuit of his story.

Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie lead an outstanding cast that also features participations of Al Pacino, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning.

Once upon a time in Hollywood. Available on HBO GO.