Meet the man behind the unique job of loading the dead and that has viralizado because of her unique choreography


The Bursaspor and Fenerbahçe faced off this past Sunday at the stadium Timsah Arena in Turkey. The first won 2-1, but the goal of this friendly was to raise funds for children’s organizations with some kind of disease, a cause which is unquestionable, however, it has been marred by the fleeting image of a child fumándose a cigarette in the stands of the football field.

The chain Bein Sports was conducting the interviews to walk-of-field when the camera, looking for a resource, pointed to the stands and, for a couple of seconds, he saw two children wearing the t-shirt of the local team. One of them, which seemed to be greater, gave a prolonged “halon” on his cigarette with a style more typical of a lord.

The video was not long in coming to the social networks, where it has been more than 6 million views and about ten thousand retweets:

After that the image of the ‘small’ smoker to give him the round-the-world, is revealed as the true identity of the protagonist of the photo.

Through Instagram, it was announced that the child is actually a man of 36 years old, but still looks looks very young, and even the other guy that appears next to it in the picture is his son of 11 years.

His name is Cocuk and is a fan of Bursaspor

The banter with the smoker’s premature to have spread around the world thanks to Twitter and the photo is popularized to such an extent that a platform of supporters of Fenerbahçe have investigated to discover that, in reality, the childrenor he is a man of 36 years

In addition, it has transpired that the child (this was) that rested at his side is his son. Smoking in front of minors is questionable, but what we do know is that in Turkey it is forbidden to smoke in public spaces, what will give you a citation for having gone viral?

However, such a situation caused hundreds of memes on the Internet, and even media in that country have invited him for an interview on radio, TV and print media.