Mia Khalifa and the #KoalaChallenge who returned to the nets


Mia Khalifa it is still one of the women most closely followed of the Internet, being probably one of the so-called “influencers” with more success. Therefore, it is not unlikely that follow becoming viral with each step that you do, because there is something that makes the inevitable turn to see her. In his “adventure” more recently, the model has emulated a challenge of TikTok something old and given it a new life, encouraging others to do so, but I warn you: there seems to be nothing simple.

The challenge, posted it via Instagram and is the #KoalaChallenge, which popularized on-line in February as a way of supporting the people affected by the fires in Australia, however, seems to have reemerged in the recent quarantine by Covid-19, because people do not have much to do. Is done with a partner and involves the woman trying to climb the body of his comrade as if he were a Koala, starting from the back, going forward, clambering from side to go through the bottom. Being athletic, just like her boyfriend.

In the publication, the model says “Robert Sandberg you may be planning to mentally escape as my companion in isolation after that I did try all the challenges of the TikTok with me.” What is certain is that in the thumbnail, Sandberg if it seems to be suffering a little.

Although published a while ago, seems to have revived the challenge since Lele Pons, another Internet celebrity has also been tried with greater ease.

Although the challenge no longer serves to raise funds for the fire of Australiais another way that has found the way to have fun at home as a result of the quarantine.

Mia Khalifa he also shared a little about his experience in the house, mainly with his home gym that he had to do to be able to stay in shape.

“I want to thank my virtual personal trainer across the country Luke Paul. It has given Me the security of feeling that my gym home (that I bought in a panic in Amazon the day that The Angels closed their gyms) can you give me the same results”, he said in his publication of Instagram.

She is not the only one who is looking for how to train at home. We have already talked about how to create your own gym, and recommend exercises that you can do to not lose the habit of doing so all the days in these moments that it is almost impossible to do so in the other hand.