More than 50 salvadorans have been killed by coronavirus in several parts of the world, according to register of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ministry of Foreign Affairs has already confirmed the death of 59 salvadorans because of the coronavirus around the world, he has made the ministry through an official statement.

The greater part of the deaths corresponds to compatriots who were living in the united States, the new epicentre of the pandemic.

Foreign ministry lamented the death of the fellow countrymen and reported that through the consular offices have been supporting the families with the paperwork and funeral expenses. In addition, it keeps tracking the “condition of the compatriots who have been infected” from Covid-19.

According to the list of Chancery, 27 of the victims lived in the city of New York (Long Island, Queens, Bayshore and Suffolk), the ground zero of the coronavirus in the north american nation.

The Big Apple will continue Boston (7), New Jersey (5), Virginia (3), California (2), Washington (2), Houston, Chicago, and Maryland, one each, as the places where it has been reported the death of fellow countrymen.

They were compounded by the death of two salvadorans residing in Milan, two in Spain (Madrid and Seville) and one more that is not explained to the country where he resided.

The first fatality was reported in Milan, a woman of 57 years old on the 15th of march, even though there is not exact date of another death in the same city but in that case it is a 75-year old man.

The salvadoran youngest to die was a young man of 22 years who resided in the city of Nassau (New York) while the most long-lived was a lady of 94.

“The Operations Center continues to monitor the salvadorans who reside or are located outside of the country to understand their situation and provide them with attention,” added foreign ministry in the letter.

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