Movies sad that make you cry like Hachiko, Me before you, and From my sky | Emilia Clarke | Movies and series


The seventh art conveys emotions, which, depending on the history, we can make you cry, laugh, fall in love or feel fear. While there are thematic and diverse, some frames can play with our feelings and, in many cases, that soltemos more of a tear.

Knowing this, on Twitter a user identified as @dramasmentales he shared with the netizens thread: “Movies that we’ll never exceed”. The titles come to the surprise of all.

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To open the conversation on Twitter, the cibernauta shared The kid with the pajama stripesmovie , starring Asa Butterfield, Vera Farmiga and Jack Scanlon. The film, set during the Second World War, it introduces us to the young son of a commander of a field of concentration that develops a friendship that is prohibited, a jewish boy of 8 years. The plot, and especially the end, shook more than one.

Then it is referred to I before theetape that had to be Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke as the protagonists. The story introduces us to Louisa Clark, a girl with a cheerful and crazy, it goes by splicing a job with another to help his family. Your life changes when you start work as a caregiver for a young millionaire, who was left paralyzed after an accident.

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Another tape mentioned is Always at your side with Richard Gere as the main character. The tape introduces us to Hachiko, a faithful dog that each morning accompanied his master to the train station and return each afternoon to greet you after work. However, this routine looks broken after the death of its owner.

The green mile, the movie with Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan in central roles, present to us a sad story with a touch of reality. The film introduces us to Paul Edgecomb, an officer of the ‘corridor of death’ in the prison Cold Mountain. It is here that he realizes that he has between his prisoners to a character with supernatural powers, who is able to heal people and do other types of miracles, but who is accused of a crime he did not commit.

But these are not the only, were also included To the last man, Rescuing soldier Ryan, In the pursuit of happiness, Under the same star, Marley and me, Lovely bones (From my sky).