‘Mugshot Challenge’, the challenge viral that one should not do during confinement by coronavirus

During confinement by coronavirus there have been challenges that have become viral. Of influencers to athletes and other celebrities, have wanted to challenge their followers with all kinds of challenges, each more ingenious.

Although most of the challenges seek to fill the social networks funny pictures, there is one that has been harshly criticized by the users: the ‘Mugshot Challenge’.

This viral challenge has been created by the well-known make-up artist and influencer James Charles, who published some days ago in TikTok a couple of pictures in which he appeared with bruises and blood in the nose. A few snapshots that were not fruit of an assault but that he had resorted to the makeup to emulate this and makes it as if it were a mugshot.

Quickly the networks are filled with this kind of snapshots of different users that were added to this ‘artistic’ challenge.

But also other people did not hesitate to criticize Charles for this dangerous challenge that had to do with the gender-based violence and victims, criticism which forced the makeup artist to remove the controversial image. “Despite the fact that hundreds of ‘influencers’ and artists have done something similar, I deleted the photo police because it was never my intention to cause anyone’, he explained on Twitter.

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