Netflix | Jennifer Aniston: Five films featuring the actress who you can watch on Netflix


With 51 years old, Jennifer Aniston it is one of the actresses most recognized Hollywood, but also a favorite. Therefore, the streaming platform, Netflix, has in its catalog some of the successes of the american artist.

These are the five movies Jennifer Aniston that you can enjoy now from the streamingthanks to Netflix:

A wife of lie

The film 2011, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anistonone , is about a surgeon called Danny, he decides to hire his assistant Katherine, a single mother with children, to pretend to be his family. However, everything changes when she meets her fake family and falls in love with her.

Mystery on board

One of the last tapes between Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The film 2019 is about a New York cop and his wife who go on vacation to Europe to revitalize the love in your marriage, but will be involved in a crime which they will be suspects, and must find the culprit to not go to prison.

They say

Jennifer Aniston stars in the tape, that can be enjoyed in Netflix. She will give life to a woman who decides to discover the truth after learning that the movie “The Graduate” could have been based on his family.


The Netflix movie tells the story of a young obesethe daughter of a former beauty queen who plays Jennifer Aniston, which is entered in a beauty contest as a form of protest. When other girls begin to imitate her, the girls are revolutionising the peaceful routine of his small town texas.

Who the *&$%! are the Miller?

Another comedy of Jennifer Aniston. The story is of David, a distributor of marijuana who tries to help some young people and is surprised by a few criminals, losing your money and products. Indebted to his supplier, he decided to go to Mexico to pick up a shipment of the head and he happens to do it at the side of a fake family and on board of a motor home, with which to start a wild adventure.

Mothers day

Jennifer Aniston is one of the three women who will have a history with a man, each of these very different people, but you end up crisscrossing their lives in the Mother’s day.


Friends“the famous and successful series in the Jennifer Aniston plays Rachel Green, you can also see it thanks to Netflix. The sitcom also features in the cast Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer.