Nicki Minaj has ended her marriage with Kenneth Petty



According to the fans of the artist, the couple has split, although the singer is still not confirmed the news officially…

According to the fans of Nicki Minaj, her marriage with Kenneth Petty ended. The rumors of a breakup began after his followers noted that she eliminated the last name Petty in your Twitter account and changed the name for the title of his latest single.

The magazine US Weekly also reported that, according to the sources, a friend of Kenneth would have confirmed that they are no longer a couple.

It seems that the continuing problems of Petty with the law and justice is disappointed in the americans that decided to end the relationship.

Up to now has not confirmed anything officially, but her silence is more than enough to convince people that the two are separated.

“I heard that Kenny and Nicki were separated,” said a fan.

Another commented: “I Kenny and Nicki were separated! We won!”.

Many fans of Minaj, Kenneth Petty, don’t fell well, because of their history of sexual abuse in the past.