North West confronts Kim Kardashian and ensures that you lie on Instagram


Kim Kardashian is locked from weeks ago in his mansion in Los Angeles along with their four children, all under seven years old, and trying to manage his multibillion-dollar empire in the distance. In your case, that means keep updating your social networks such as Instagram often to deliver content to their fans, but it seems that her daughter North West are not what is putting nothing easy…

The constant interruptions of the little girl, 6 years on live broadcasts of his famous mother have become something that your followers are waiting with bated breath because, as with her father Kanye West, you never know what will come out of the mouth of the eldest daughter, Kim.

North West corrects to Kim Kardashian on Instagram, once more

Last Monday, Kim tried to publish an announcement of public safety to encourage its neighbours to the state of California to stay in their homes to reduce the risk of infection of the coronavirus, but in the middle of the message to your daughter, it occurred to him to say: ‘I just to be outside’.

‘You have only gone out to the garden and there is nothing wrong with that,’ he hastened to correct the tv star of 39 years of age, something of a hurry, to make it clear that your small is also respecting the quarantine.