Oh Chris Pratt is the Wolverine! – New hair cut Chris Pratt


Chris Prattthe star of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ or ‘Jurassic Park’, has been postulated to be a new blockbuster, and has done so in full quarantine through a new hair cut. What mythical superhero has taken as a model? Nothing less than Wolverineof X-Men.

Chris Pratt you do not have enough with the third part of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and his legendary Star-Lord, has sent this picture to Hugh Jackman and australian actor shared it on his Instagram. The hashtag: #quarentinewolverine.

chris pratt as wolverine


Chris Pratt could not be more proud of his look. If you also want me to be like Wolverine, you have it easy: a tousled hair as we all in the quarantine, it lengthens the pins almost until the chin and put a little bit of fitness and we can all be #quarentinewolverine (unless we go to one of these hairstyles simple to do at home).

Let us remember that just a few days ago it was Henry Cavill who,through an art fan, is transformed into the mythical character of Hugh Jackman. Also to Zac Efron, we have been able to see with pelazo and uñacas in another transformation of a fan.

Chris Pratt is in addition to the pools to elect a new actor that will embody a Wolverine, a list that grows and grows although, since Marvel have not given any new track of a new production which includes the character of X-Men more charismatic. For us, for the moment, Oh Chris Pratt is the Wolverine!