On the screen, a portrait of the Queen of gospel


About the sisters Clark have been said of many things; his enormous influence in the international music, their successes and the manner in which they were the inspiration for more than a generation for their way of doing things and the union that existed between them. Now it is time to reveal some details of what is behind the life of these stars. Lifetime premiered the film Sisters Clark: The Queens of gospel that tell a story of strength, hope and inspiration.

In an interview with The Sun of Mexico, two of its protagonists, Christina Bell and Angela Birchett we’re talking about this project.

“It was amazing to have done to these women, and I think I speak for all when I say this, it definitely was a huge job to interpret these beings as strong and experience what they experienced. I played a Twinkie and she is absolutely phenomenal, work a lot to become what he is, a living legend,” remarked Christina Bell.

Winning numerous awards and notable recognitions, including two Grammy awards, the famous sisters have produced 20 albums to date and his contribution to music has been recognized by idols, such as Jill Scott, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey. Part of that legacy is reflected in this work.

“A lot of people will discover when you see the film, how many of the super stars that we enjoy today are directly influenced by these sisters, performers, hip-hop, r&b, soul, pop and gives me great excitement to know that the world is going to know the origin of the current music. We’ll also find out the way in which the mother of these artists, supported them in their career for them to express themselves the way they really wanted to do, although not everyone understood why. Many have no idea of those details, and here we are going to show,” said Angela Birchett.

Angela, Christina, and their other companions, they had to get involved also, musically, to give life to this film and the results of this experiment were surprising in the words of the Angela.

“We took enough time to listen to, but certainly the way that led us musically to pull this off was incredible, so much so, all of a sudden we happened to be in the set, we got our tracks and we thought that they were the Clark Sisters, until caíamos in mind that they were us, but to get to that really was challenging,” he shared.

The names that occur the tape echo in the entertainment industry for his talent and influence: Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blidge and Missy Elliot.

“Although we did not have the opportunity to work with them on the set, we know that they are involved because the three grew up with the music of the Clark Sisters, we know that they have personal histories in which this group made them grow as human beings, so I know that they are behind this project is amazing. We had the opportunity to be in Los Angeles, with Queen Latifah and when he came to see us, before saluting, told us, ‘you guys made incredible’ and find out that someone you have invested your money in a project you think that looks and hears amazing, produces a great satisfaction,” said Christina.

The cast of Sisters Clark: The Queens of gospel the make up Christina Bell as a Twinkie, Kierra Sheard gives life to her own mother Karen, Sheléa Frazier as Dorinda, Angela Birchettas is Jacky, Raven Goodwin plays Denise and Aunjanue Ellis plays his mother Mattie Moss Clark. The world premiere live Saturday, 11 April at 22:00 hours on the screen of Lifetime.