Parents of Fernando say that “it would be very unfair,” the home-based rugbiers |


The parents of Fernando Baez Sosa assured this Sunday that “it would be very unfair” that the Chamber of Appeals and Guarantees of Sorrows will grant the prison home to eight rugbiers detainees for the murder of his son, committed in January last in Villa Gesell.

Silvano and Graciela, parents of Fernando, they recorded a video that was spread by the social networks in which they requested that it not be given that benefit the defendants, who currently meet with pre-trial detention.

“We’re waiting for the Camera finding a resolution and not give the prison a home. It would be very unfair to give him that privilege. They did not gave him the opportunity even to defend themselves“, said Graciela.

In the meantime, Silvano stated that are still crying out for justice and asked people follow accompanying this order.

On the other hand, a source in court told Telam that it is estimated that this week, probably on Tuesday, the House finally is on appeal to the preventive imprisonment presented by the defense attorney Hugo Tomei.

Meanwhile, lI accused remain detained in the Alcaidía Silver 3, in Melchor Romero, where they are housed in cells of two in the same Pavilion 6, in which the expansion of the coronavirus spend a little more unnoticed by the rest of the prisoners, who in a first moment, I shouted and insulted her with greater frequency than in the past few days.