Perry Mason: First look at the series produced by Robert Downey Jr.


We had news of the project last January, 2019, when we learned that Robert Downey Jr. – who plays Tony Stark / Iron Man in the UCM – deal to produce the series Perry Mason for HBO. Starring Matthew Rhys (Death comes to Pemberley), the project represents a remake of the mtica serie tv homnimathat is emiti between 1957 and 1966. The platform has shared the first look in this new version:

Arrives Perry Mason

In the small preview, we can see the defense attorney Perry Mason (Rhys), pointing their flashlight toward the interior of a housing. To quin belongs and qu est doing the ah in the middle of the night, we don’t know. However, HBO doesn’t have many complaints with these hbitos of the protagonist: “Matthew Rhys can look out my window any night of the week”, I wrote the platform, in the message accompanying the teaser. We assume that, once published the trailer full, we will understand what est happening.

The character, created by Erle Stanley Gardneris dedicated to the resolution of cases of murder. In the synopsis of the series that prepares HBO, we can read the following: “Set in Los angeles of the years 30, Perry Mason takes the reins of the case most important of his entire life”. Probably in future developments to know more information about the above case, and we can acompaar with all of the law to our dear attorney.

“Perry Mason takes the reins of the case most important of his entire life”

The series I announced for the first time as a film in the year 2018 with Nic Pizzolatto in charge of the script. However, Pizzolatto was replaced by Rolin Jones and Ron Fitzgerald a year after. Robert Downey Jr., for his part, had been chosen in a first time to star in the series but, finally, the role recay on the shoulders of Matthew Rhys, who also serves as producer of the series. Jones and Fitzgerald, for his part, also will be the showrunners.

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