Rihanna donated $ 4 million to victims of gender-based violence


The crisis caused by the coronavirus wakes up the next most “human” of the famous, and many put their grain of sand (and your wallet) to help with various causes that are closely linked to the distinct damage that is causing the pandemic of Covid-19.

In the last days it was Rihanna who broke the piggy to help with an urgent issue. The singer joined the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to help together to all victims of gender-based violence that are going through the quarantine under the same roof as your abuser.

Rihanna and Jack Dorsey

The donation of almost $ 4.2 million is done in the context of a report appeared a few days ago, in which it was estimated that only in the city of Los Angeles had been an average of 90 complaints per week by male violence, these figures have also risen in the rest of the world.

With the amount contributed by Rihanna and Jack Dorsey, it is estimated that it may cover the counseling, home and food for approximately 90 fatalities per week for the space of more than two months. In addition, the co-founder of Twitter also already has committed more than 20% of his wealth to the fight against the coronavirus.