Rihanna has to Deal with his Fans for a Request Impossible


The pandemic coronavirus has led to that many events had to be postponed due to technical difficulties that have been found to take them out. Series and movies that were filming or who were scheduled to a start close have had to be postponed, and the same thing has happened with some of the music releases planned for these dates. Rihanna has been hurt by all of this.

The popular singer has had to handle the requests of their followers, who ask him to forward the release of their awaited new album, ‘R9’.


“If one of you ask me about the album again when I try to save the world, unlike all of you … it’s the view!”, noted the singer in an Instagram Live with the rest of the followers

The singer revealed that his next project would be inspired by the reggae during an interview with ‘Vogue’. I like to view it as an album inspired by the reggae and infused with reggae. Reggae always seems to me correct, Rihanna to ‘Vogue’. Is in my blood. No matter how far or how long you are away from that culture or my environment in which I grew up; it never goes, Rihanna to ‘Vogue’. The details surrounding his album can be scarce, but Rihanna has been vocal in the fight against the global pandemic. Along with the donation of personal protection equipment for the State of New York, the Foundation Clara Lionel Rihanna donated $5 million to several relief efforts COVID-19