Rihanna makes a donation millionaire in favor of victims of violence


Due to the spread of the Covid-19 as a result of the coronavirusthe entire world continues confined in their homes. Submerged in a quarantine total, the lives of hundreds of people have been altered, and as a result have come to light hundreds of problematic political, social and economic you have to put utmost attention once this is back to normal.

The quarantine has opened our eyes to a frightening reality, as the calls and cases on women victims of domestic violence have increased by up to 60% due to that without any other alternative the affected they were detained inside their homes with their abusers. Among the countries most recurrent with this situation of aggression are Mexico (where it has reported an increase of up to 100%), Colombia, Chile and the united States, which have seen an increase in requests for aid while shelters are overcrowded, so it may not allow the entry of more people, leaving many exposed to an imminent aggression. But Rihannaonce again, has come out to provide assistance.

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Once again, Rihanna is a celebrity that has been highlighted by attention to social issues of importance, put to work to curb this situation, and what makes the hand of the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, to donate a large sum of money in favour of women compromised during this quarantine.

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The singer originally from Barbados, Rihanna, through the Clara Lionel Foundation (a foundation that has been dedicated to the memory of his grandparents) donated $ 2.1 million to the Fund of the Mayor of Los Angeles, along with the executive director of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, who also spent 2.1 million to the cause. All this money will serve to give, for 10 weeks, food, psychological assistance and shelter away from their abusers, the victims in the american city. But this donation is just the beginning of a campaign that seeks to cover the whole country.


Rihanna and Dorsey, who previously had been a partner in major projects, now joined together to address the problem that needed a quick solution.

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The founder of the beauty brand Fenty Beauty, Rihanna, is characterized tend his hand to the less fortunate.Previously, she and Jay-Z helped undocumented workers, children of medical staff that are working against the pandemic, the indigent, the elderly and the inmates of New York and Los Angeles with a donation of 2 million dollars. In early march, his foundation collaborated with 5 million dollars to marginalized communities vulnerable in the united States, the Caribbean and Africa, and with the other $ 5 million to partnerships such as Feeding America and the Response Fund to the Covid-19 of the WHO.