Rita Ora revealed an unfamiliar appearance of his life: “Really affected me”


Rita Ora it is one of the artists multi-faceted that emerged in the last few years. The singer and actress excelled in numerous activities, although the music is what catapulted him to fame. However, its beginnings were complicated product of some criticism that made it shake its stability.

So he confessed to the artist herself, in conversation with The Nation. “At first I looked at all the comments. And the cruel really affected me. But now I have a kind of armor and, to be honest, I am not concerned. You have to focus on yourself to achieve greatness. Sos big when you what you believe in and you’re focused on your person,” she said.

On the other hand, unveiled as it felt to work with Cardi B, Beba Rexha and Charli XCX on ‘Girls’. “Working with them was terrific. Empowered women in a powerful song. I loved it, it was my dream to do something like that. I think that women can only go forward when the support between them publicly,” he said.

Rita Ora he also referred to the criticism of the LGBTQ community that criticized by this song. “In terms of the LGBT community, I always offered your support, I really love you. And there I always had the best friends in the world. On the topic tried to tell my story, nothing more. We have to ensure that this happens, we have to see people united,” she said.

Finally, throbbed in his show in Argentina, which will be in November. “This is going to be right for the date of my 30th birthday! So perhaps step of the decade in Argentina. – Be confident that we’re going to spend a great time!”, closed Rita Ora.