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Gabriela Sabatini, the best tennis player in argentina’s history, came back to win the US Open, this time in virtual form, 30 years after that unforgettable final in the centre court with Steffi Graff.

On her Twitter account, Gabi thanked and advised his voters. “After 30 years I won a title again, and without leaving my house. Thanks to all the fans who voted #Quedenseencasa, take care of yourself”.

The Tournament was made through a survey on the social networks of the tournament where every lover of tennis voted the final’s most liked, excited, or captivated.

With all the world champion paralyzed in the wake of the pandemic of coronaviruses, each tournament has some kind of activity in order not to forget the show and the US Open came up with this original idea.

Sabatini lifted the trophy at the legendary Arthur Ashe, the tennis stadium, the world’s largest with a capacity of 23.00 spectators, in 1990 after defeating germany’s Steffi Graf 6-2, 7-6 (4) in what was the only Grand Slam of his career and opened the doors to this tournament virtual, in which only involved those who once were crowned in the tournament new yorker.

The tournament virtual is called “Bracket of Champions” and faced all the champions in keys of direct disposal that were defined by drawing lots.

The way Sabatini title was Serena Williams, champion in 1999, in the first round. Already in the second round pitted the winner in 1975, Chris Evert. Then in his path appeared the belgian Kim Clijsters, who celebrated in 2009. The semi-final the faced again with Evert, but not to the already eliminated, but with the champion of 1975.

In the definition faced Russian Maria Sharapova, one of the most loved by fans who won the tournament american in 2006. In the end, argentina won by 59 percent of the

12.300 vote.

While it is believed that Sharapova would be in the end, by currency, and taking into account that the majority of voters, it is estimated, have not come to see Sabatini, whose last game was in 1996, Gabi, who on 7 may will fulfill 50 years, he gained a new resounding victory and is “lifted up” again with the trophy. Thirty years after that.